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More than 150.000 enterprises are using MISA electronic invoice

MISA meInvoice - more than 150000 user

With high accuracy, high security and legal guarantee, MISA meInvoice has become the choice of electronic invoice of many enterprises.

Going through all the strict tests of Tax Authorities, MISA meInvoice, developed by MISA Corporation, has been chosen as one of the first 9 electronic invoice suppliers which provide invoice delivery and archive service at the 1st stage (from 30/10/2021 to 04/11/2021).

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Up to now, more than 150.000 enterprises have been using MISA meInvoice. This software meets all the regulations of Tax Authorities. Being developed by MISA Corp, which successfully applied blockchain technology to electronic invoice software, MISA meInvocie helps increase safety, transparency and accuracy of invoices.

With nearly 30 years experience in implementing intelligence technology solutions for enterprises and household businesses, MISA has developed an ecosystem with all fields relevant to accountancy, finance and management. MISA meInvoice is a part of this ecosystem, which allows easy access, data synchronization from other MISA’s softwares.

MISA meInvoice allows enterprises to get rid of restrictions and risks of paper invoices, which are fake invoices, difficulties in managing and archiving invoices, lost or damaged invoices due to exterior factors.

Besides, using paper invoices is quite costly. Many investments that enterprises have to make when using paper invoices include: printing cost, delivery cost, invoices archivation cost, … According to the statistics of the General Department of Taxation, the highest cost of one paper invoice is 2.500 VND when self-printing and 2.000 VND when using printing services.

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Using electronic invoice is an economical and competitiveness elevating solution, however, in order to convert in time and legally, enterprises have to meet some obstacles.

As MISA’s representative stated, in order to convert paper invoice into electronic invoice, enterprises have to change customers’ acknowledgement first. Invoices in the perception of the majority of Vietnamese people are still paper documents. Hence, when applying electronic invoice, enterprises find it difficult to explain and convince customers about the new type of invoice and legal issues.

Moreover, in order to apply electronic invoice, enterprises have to be completely proactive in creating and publishing invoice; simplifying publishing and managing process; simplifying tax declaration procedures; making sure that invoices carry the information and featured images of themselves.


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